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No tipping- While we appreciate the gesture, we would rather see tipping reserved for those in the service industry who are not earning a decent wage. This is a luxury service, provided by a Professional Desire Enhancement Specialist, tipping is not appropriate, although chocolate always is!


No Waiting- We value your time and Our own, we run no more than 15 minutes off schedule. We email our guests at least two hours before their appointment (usually 4-6) if a delay is unavoidable and email with 24-48 hours notice if we must cancel. We ask that guest arrive no more than 15 minutes early or late. Extenuating circumstances aside.


No Surprises- We take pride in our transparency. We never add on a service without explaining the benefits and cost before the service is performed unless the service is being gifted to our guests. Our prices are all inclusive.


No Retail Products- We believe that great hair stands alone; we do not sell retail. Our Enhancements require only the use of prescibed shampoo and conditioner. If a product is a vital component of a service it is gifted the first time the service is performed and a retailer is recomended for future purchases.


This is an Inclusive Atmosphere- We love and respect all the unique differences in our fellow human beings; we ask that while we share our time together respect for others be observed. Sexism, Racism, Age-ism and most other "isms" are left at the door. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all guests will feel comfortable expressing thier concerns and desires without fear of judgement.


We welcome all gender identities.


Compassion above all else:


We are sensitive to guests who may be facing challenges such as trichotillomania. We are educated in the area of anxiety challenges, so be at ease.


We take great pride in our Privacy Policy and truly allow only one guest at a time( unless approved by the guest in advance), so be at ease. We do not discuss or share photos of our clients with others.


We accept you as you are, and desire to tranform you as you would be!

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Hair extension methods are not "one size fits all" . There are 8 differrent methods that are used at Extension Spa.

Portfolio 1

Copper Jewel Tones

Ruby and Garnet

Portfolio 2

Citrine and Copper

Gem Stones

Portfolio 3

Blonde Extensions

With Lowlights

Portfolio 4

Very Fine and Short Hair

Crown Areas

Portfolio 5

Designer Lengths in Onyx

Long Extensions

Portfolio 6

Very Long Extensions

On Short Hair

Portfolio 7

Very Short Fine Hair

Extreme Enhancements

Portfolio 8

Subtle Extensions

A More Conservative Result

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Our Hair:
Indian Hair, Russian Hair, European Hair, Brazilian Hair!

We use ONLY Raw Hair from the country orf Origin. All Enhancements are colored in the studio by hand.

Guests who have had extensions before know how important this is; we use only Virgin, cuticle correct hair, then color it to match your natural hair. This means that your extensions will be beautiful from the first day until the last. We match both the unique hi/ low lights in your hair color and have natural hair textures that will match even the finest hair. You may choose a texture different than your own for a more designer look.

An important part of our process is that we do hand color the hair, not only insure that the enhancements match but to double check that the hair is virgin cuticle hair. Virgin hair colors along a very specific spectrum, and we check for this before it is applied to your hair. We never install enhancements that have not been checked for cuticle alignment and chemical treatments. If the hair doesn’t pass, we send it back to the supplier.

Raw Hair -is collected by appointment directly from the hair donor. The hair is tied in one direction, harvested, and the direction of the hair is preserved.

Hair that is collected at random, not keeping track of the natural direction will tangle when it gets wet. With raw hair the cuticle is always going in one direction as on a natural head of hair, so it resist tangling( will behave exactly like your natural tresses) Since all the hairs are placed in the same direction, the hairs remain undisturbed, making them more durable and long lasting. Raw hair lasts longer, keeps vitality and elasticity, colors better (enhancing color consistency over 95% to that of synthetic- fiber or collected hair), easier to comb and it curls better. This is what makes raw hair so special.

Our team

We're a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful digital solutions for awesome clients across all the platforms.

Types of Extensions

Hair extension methods are not "one size fits all" . There are 8 differrent methods that are used at Extension Spa.

Micro Extensions

3-5 months of wear


These methods allow up to a year of wear.

Weft Extensions

3 months of wear


The cost of your extensions will depend on the length and volume of your natural hair verses the length, volume, texture and color of the hair you desire.


We price our service for desired result and not per "bundle" or ounce. The amount of hair used will be the amount required to achieve our guest desired outcome.

Please contact us for details on pricing.
148 West Main Street Windsor, PA 17366
8am - 5pm


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